Tips for online dating

Is this real

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me promoting immaculat vodka at the opening of lif night club in vegas

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When I’m listening to Britney Spears in my car and one of my friends tells me to change it



hate when i lose something and my parents says “well i guess u didnt care about it enough” like you’ve lost me in a grocery store before 


So, that’s over.


she look like an above ground radish

Baby’s first words :)


baby: y…y..
mom: yeah?
baby: Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very
strange machine
It was designed to view a world unseen
(he’s gonna catch em all cuz he’s danny phantom )
When it didnt quite work his
folks they just quit then Danny took a look inside of it
there was a great big flash
every thing just changed
his molecules got all rearranged
(phantom phantom)

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login tumblr at 2AM n everyone posting they lil fetish. n it be some shit like “i love men that look like bill nye n wear scuba suit”



my brother decorated my forehead


there’s a monster behind you


October 2012 // July 2014

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6 never dropped selfies fa y’all fake asses

i ain’t taggin not nere none!!

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i miss the old nicki

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