I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to post these, but even after cheating on whole30 last night, I felt amazing this morning! And I’m basically wearing a bikini yes/yes? Time to crack down hard and see what progress I can make in the next few weeks! I only need to lose 4 more pounds and then I’ll finally be a part of the 100 pound club ;) 

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Beginning of my journey (2011) vs last week. I had already been down 15 lbs when the first photo was taken. Yoga caught my heart in the beginning but now lifting has my heart completely. Trust the process, find what works for YOU. Not everybody is a runner, yogi or lifter. Do what keeps you active and healthy. I live completely balanced. Healthy 90% of the time but if I want that cookie I’m gonna eat that cookie. Live for yourself. #motivatedmonday #weightloss #fitness #fitlife #advocare #advolife #progress #inspiration #dontstopgetitgetit

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What I’m eating for the next 3 days in a short cut. Mostly organic, but when the store is out of what I need, I end up temporarily downgrading in food quality (processed/unnatural ingredients). 

When you are dieting for weight-loss and don’t want to lose muscle, you should never be starving. That likely means you’re eating too little, moving too much, or it’s a combination of both. 

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#TransformationTUESDAY (not accidentally on a Monday haha!
Can’t believe I’m posting this but this is my before and current shot.
This is what a 2 stone difference in 7 weeks looks like! YES! Here’s to the next two stone!!
FRONT (side to follow)
#cwp #CWPers #changemylife #changeyourlife #weightloss #successstory #beforeandafter

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image image

Before at 216 lbs (Note how I just naturally look fucking miserable. )


After at 128lbs. 5’6”.
Hard work and dedication fucking pay off. Here’s my living proof.

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A little before / during  Still got at least 20 pounds to lose.  I needed some motivation, here it is!

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here is a little progress photo from a month or so!

I have lost 3-4 pounds, and have been eating pretty healthy and running a lot! 

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i know how much you all love my before and afters so here’s a new one.

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Charlo Greene is so real

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constantly getting told you’re lazy and that you’re not trying hard enough when you’re trying your hardest is probably one of the most hurtful feelings ever  

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Hips don’t lie. #curves #body #dress #pink #humps #blackbooty #twerker #twerkboss

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Pre-run selfie

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Definitely how I felt this morning

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6 days post op breast surgery (lifting+excess skin removal+implants)
Starting to feel them again, sensibility is back, the scars are healing nicely too.
I put on a bit of weight though…

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A total of 100 lbs. lost so far this year! Here’s to the next journey…

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