I try to be as honest as possible :/?

Still haven’t started my diet or change in eating. I just can’t seem to make the jump. I haven’t stepped on a scale either. I’m kind of scared to. I know I have gained a lot back though, because I just feel so swollen and sore     :(.  

Maybe I need to change from keto? Or maybe not be so hard on myself? Is there anything that y’all do to stay on track? 

P.S. I notice my blog reflects when I am on my diet and when i’m off. When im off, I post so much non-weightloss related stuff :/. I need to stop that. 

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I wish I could diet normally and see results, because sometimes keto sucks so much. In keto, when you take a cheat you feel crappy, you gain about 2-3 lbs in water weight, and you have to use extra days to get back in keto. 

Sometimes, I wish I could just have a fast food meal and then move on, but with keto is this whole elaborate process :/. 

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Restart tomorrow

Nothing like going to the mall to motivate myself back into dieting. Restarting keto tomorrow. It needs to be done. I haven’t completely strayed from keto, but i definitely haven’t been as strict as I should’ve been. Anywho, 3/15 will be day 1 again.

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Working Out?

I don’t understand people who feel good after working out? Like I want to punch someone when I’m done. I don’t want anyone to talk to me. I just want to sleep or relax.

Is there some secret to it? Or like do I have to trick myself into being happy about it…..

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Shin splints…

Pretty sure I haven’t worked out in over a week…… and yet I feel like I have really bad shin splints. Is there a reason for that or do I need to hit up the hospital? 

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Wish I didn’t :(

I wish I didn’t have PCOS, so I can just diet like a normal person. Today  I planned on making a low-carb stroganoff and it came out higher in carbs than I wanted it to. The problem is I found this out as I was shopping for the food to make.  I ended up aimlessly walking around the store for an hour  trying to think of a different dinner I could make without going carb crazy :/. I hate this so much. 

The only plus is that tomorrow I start upping my metformin to two a day instead of one. 

P.S. I also found out I am only 4 lbs lighter than my dad…. My dad is like 6’1” so…. that happened. 

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Shoutout to all the dudes and dudettes who worked out today :D. Great job! Serious guys <3 Awesome. 

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Day 3 of Keto :)

I am almost coming to a close of my third day. Got some chicken thighs baking in the oven. I think I may have gone over my carb allowance though :/ not by much ( like 5), but still…… 

Although, feeling good :). I haven’t had any bread, pasta, carby fruits/vegetables, or anything. The most carbs I have had have come from green vegetables like kale, lettuce, cucumbers, etc :). 

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I think I want to start posting more nudity. I see much more pictures with nudity that I want to look like rather than clothed. Not like my blog would be nude central. It’d literally be one or two pics a week maybe less. I don’t know. 

I alsowant to track my progress ( nude) , but i’m scared cause I am a punk and it might come back to bite me in the ass. It’d be more for my benefit than others, but yeah….  Obviously, I wouldn’t post it on this blog… or if I did I would put it under a read more tag. Idk, I’m still thinking on that. 

So, what are your thoughts on that? Not everyone likes nudity and I don’t know the ages of peeps that follow me?

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Is this a good investment?

Okay, so I have been thinking about getting one of those things that weighs food, so I know EXACTLY how much I am eating. I want to know that I am actually eating 3 oz of chicken and not trusting that package that guesstimates. 

I want to know though. Is it a good investment? 

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I have no idea what I am doing anymore….?

This will probably not be such a happy post, so I’ll put it underneath a read more line. 

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When I say I’d kill to lose weight, I don’t think people realize i’m serious. Like I don’t think they know that I am not in any way, shape, or form kidding….

I literally believe it would be easier to kill someone than to lose weight by monitoring my diet and exercising. :/

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Game Plan

Alright, so I think I have what I want sorted out….. Maybe?


1600 Cal

< 20 Net Carbs

4.3 liters of water ( I don’t know how much water to drink. I used a calculator that asked me a bunch of questions i.e. how dry is it in my area, how much do I exercise, my weight, altitude, etc.) If anyone has a better calculator please give it to me :D. 


Run/Jog/Walk 1- 3 miles <——- I don’t think I can do more than that :/.

150 Sit-ups

100 squats, 20 jump squats ( Every 5th squat a jump squat)

Arm Exercises: ( I have 3 lbs weights) 


 I also have PCOS so, yeah. Anything helps. Thank you! Is that good? Can someone help me out?

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Gonna start…

Gonna go to the doctor and get some metformin. I totally forgot about it because I didn’t wanna go when I was on my juice fast. Now that I am not though :D. I am can go and get some. YAY!!!!! Gonna set up an appointment tomorrow for sometimes this week hopefully. <3 So excited guys! 

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Going to make a doctor’s appointment soon.

I think I want to try metformin again. I usually don’t have any bad side effects ,but goodness :/ that last time was pure hell…. but it’ll help with weight-loss and my pcos. *sigh*… Time to call the doctor.