:( Is there a way to amp it up?

I know weight-loss isn’t a race and it’s suppose to be at your own pace…. but I want to go faster. I really want to meet my goal of under 200 lbs by September. I am no longer participating in No Weigh May, so I weighed myself today to see where I am at and I am 245 lbs. I do the 30 day shred 5X a week and I don’t count calories. I plan on starting to count calories and upping my exercise. I just have no idea to what. Any suggestions? On diet and exercise? If so, answer this post or message me. Have a nice day. 

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Friends and Weight Loss :/…

   So, I have two friends and I have no idea how to handle them wen it comes to the weight loss portion of my life….

   One friend is so intense about it, I have to back up. :) She is good for me ,but I am the type of person who can’t handle all that haha. 

   I have another friend who not exactly couldn’t care less ,but she wouldn’t turn me down if I asked to go to an all you can eat buffet.

   The one thing both of these people have in common is that they always have the same argument: ” _______ is not gonna make you fall off your diet.”  or      ” one _______ won’t hurt you.” 

Sometimes, I feel like it is sabotage. I don’t know why I feel like that. Sometimes, I get somewhat spiteful and think that they don’t want me to lose weight even though I know all they want is for me to get healthy.  :/ I know I should be accountable and I am trying to be by accessing why I let them talk me into it and how I can pull myself through this slump. :/ .  What  do you guys  do in those  situation?

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Ranting Time :/…. (Sadness, complaining, and bitching ahead. Continue at your own risk :P )

    Sometimes, I feel like losing weight is just worthless for me :(. I have PCOS and I have an apple shape. I absolutely HATE being an apple shape :’(. I cry about it all the time because I know the unhealthiest least attractive body shape to be is an apple. I don’t have curves, I don’t have killer legs, I feel literally like a red delicious or some sort of crap. It makes me tear up that I will never have that hourglass or pear shape.

    This is all due to PCOS. The disease that makes you look pregnant but won’t let you get pregnant. I tell myself that I don’t want kids because I know that my PCOS is so aggressive every doctor I have been to (endrocrinologist, Physicians, and Gyno) have told  me regardless of weight loss, meds, in vitro, and etc that I can’t get pregnant. I know the hirtsism is awful. I went to the doctor and asked for birth control so I can have a normal period and she asked if I wanted it for my moustache. I almost broke down crying :/ for the rest of the day I didn’t talk because I didn’t want attention brought to my upper lip. I have hair on my chin and the guy I like pointed it out to me. He said I should be a circus attraction. He said I was the bearded lady :(. I will always remember that comment. I ask my mother all the time if I can have vaniqua or any other hair removal cream but all she tells me is that it messes with my hormones and I might want to have children one day. ( I guess she still hopes I can give her grandchildren). 

     I once lost 50 lbs and I only went down one pant size because of my shape. I remember being excited after my best fried lost 10 lbs and went down two sizes. I just thought after 50 lbs I could have gone down at least 3… but no. I remember crying in the dressing room because I could only get the pants  up to my thigh after all that hard work. After 50lbs, I had to tell people that I lost weight. They just couldn’t see it. I didn’t feel any better either because I still carried all my weight in my chest and mid-drift. 

   Sometimes, I want to blame it on race as sad as that sounds :(. But even then, I didn’t get the typical black girl shape. The thick thighs and big butt. Instead I got cellulite thigs and the flattest butt ever. :( I try to look for other women who look like me and usually all I get are pictures of skinny celebrities :(. 

    It hurts that I almost have nothing to look forward to if I lose weight. My shape will ALWAYS be awful, the only thing I can guarantee is that I will feel healthier and sometimes  … I feel like it isn’t worth it. 

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Recently, I have seen a lot of photos with girls like this with captions saying ” She worked for it”! But in reality not everyone works for it. WE all seems to have that one friend who eats 3 times more than us and moves 3 times less than us. Like they are forever in perfect shape. All I have to say is sometimes ( rarely though )  they NEVER work for it. Which is why it’ll be that much sweeter for the people who do work for it :). You’ll be able to appreciate the hard work and you’ll know what it takes to stay in that shape. WORK HARD AND DON’T GIVE UP!

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What happens when you lose weight…

When people say that they don’t expect a better life, a better job, or a better boyfriend/girlfriend after they lose weight is kind of upsetting. I think you will get a guy/girl to like you, I think you will be better at your job, I think you will be happier and more content with your life. Why? Hopefully after you lose weight/tone/eat healthier  you are happier with yourself. :) 

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Fat Girl Confession #7 

" I hate that I can’t wear outfits like this for halloween." 

Keep those confessions coming:). Just remember to post them in my inbox. 

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Fat Girl Confession #6? 

" I hate when my (skinny/pretty) friends complain about getting attention from cute guys" 

P.S. keep those confessions coming guys :) and if you want to send pics please do?

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Fat Girl Confession#5 

" I hate that my friends eat like this ( fast food ) but look like THAT ( models) "

P.S. don’t forget to send in submissions via inbox :) 

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Fat Girl Confession #4 

" I hate wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts, and skirts."     

P.S. Also, Could you guys start sending them to the inbox as oppose to commenting :). It’ll keep more anonymous and I can get to them easier. Please and Thank You :). 

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Fat Girl Confession #3 

" I hate not being picked "   I wanted this to be somewhat metaphorical for all situations 

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Fat Girl Confessions #2: "I hated shopping for my prom dress "  

Remember to send in submissions :). Also, I am thinking about making the confessions everyday or every other day or Every Friday/Saturday?

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What do you guys think about this?

I think I wanna start something called Fat Girl Confessions.  Kind of like an inside thought about women who are fat or who used to be fat. People would send submissions and I would put them out there. :)Also, it can be used as a weight loss motivation, so you know to pout all that stuff behind you. What do you guys think about that? 

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This Sweet Madness: For those of you who are skinny and like to say “I hate the saying... »


For those of you who are skinny and like to say “I hate the saying ‘guys like curves, not bones’ its just like not fair..” SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Unless you have an eating disorder, I doubt you wake up every morning and go to sleep every night absolutely hating yourself. I bet you feel damn good at…

I agree

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Update to that Update :)

Thanks guy. I thought I had a virus or something. :( and strongaly I just saw your post :P My bad :) 

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